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Voice of the Bride Speak

Did you know that if you are a believer in Jesus Christ, you can prophesy? Prophecy is the ability to hear from God and speak it. The 2020s is a decade of speech. We must lose the voice of God on the earth as the Holy Spirit leads.

Now, more than ever, the Church must open its eyes and ears to hear from the Lord and see what He is doing. The prophet Habakkuk said I will stand at my watch and station myself on the ramparts; I will look to see what he will say to me, and what answer I am to give to this complaint. - Hab 2:1 NIV

He took a stand, endured, and waited to hear what God would say so that he could release it to those who needed to hear it. Whenever we take a stand in prayer to abide in Christ and remain steadfast, awaiting the voice of the Groom, we will hear.

I want to share with you one of the words that God shared with me in the latter parts of September and early parts of October. This morning, as I pressed in to hear, He told me to pull these words out and keep releasing them until He gives me something else. This is not uncommon. Many of the prophets spoke the same warning and the same encouragement for years.


The Lord said, There is a reckoning upon the earth, for I am moving in power to awaken all that had lied dormant yet holds my purpose. It is time My earth, yes, I said, My earth, be shaken and come awake. Awake My sons and daughters to the groaning of all creation, for the time is very near that My Son come and gather His.

Nothing is relevant that once was, for on My time calendar, all things must be disturbed. Do you hear the rustling of My feet as I once again walk this earth? Do you feel the wind of My breath as I once again breathe upon dead things? Do you feel the wind of My arms as they swing while I walk upon the earth? For they once thought giants were to be feared and were a terror upon the earth, they are nothing compared to the terror I am about to bring upon this earth and the wicked residing there.

Yes, for the day of reckoning is upon you, and all will be weighed and measured by My truth. Very soon, the faithful will be rewarded while the wicked will be rewarded for their evil. The earth is passing away, and everything in it. I must, I say I must shake it all, I must shake it all!

Prepare the way of the Lord, make straight your path for soon, yes, I did say soon, I am coming in power and strength to tear down the strongholds that have been built through ancient iniquities, but I desire the voice of the bride to partner with Me. Are you ready to contend for the sickle is near?

Watch what I do with the faithful ones whose sons and daughters have gone astray, for they will, yes, they will speak the name of the King that is Jesus. They will dream, and they will prophesy, for they are about to walk off the things they thought were more important than My promise and presence, and they will begin to break in the night hours; yes even the hours in the day will be a reckoning with their sin.

We are on the move. I am Moving on the earth. Thrones and principalities will come down, but I am asking for the voice of the bride to partner with Me. Speak what I declare. Express My presence upon the earth, and you shall see the glory of the Lord in your day such as none has ever seen in their days gone by. For yes, the glory I released in Solomons day will soon come to the hungry. But bow, My child, bow before the King of kings is breaking through. There will be no need for doctors, for I will put them out of business. Miracles are here. Miracles are coming. Miracles! Miracles! But you must believe.

For I have set My power upon the earth, and none have noticed. I have been shaking and moving things and allowing the powers that rule to have their way, and most do not recognize the season for which they have entered. For they hunger and thirst after everything available to them except My righteousness. I Am not a puppet that I may be mastered, for I Am the Master of all.

Time is near, My children. I must have you awake and alert. As all the earth is encompassed in darkness, the darkness will get thicker, and where darkness abounds, sin abounds, but where My grace is, there is power to step out of darkness. For the Lord would say to you, step into My grace, pick up the sword, and war for your families. Husbands and wives, unite in My presence and lay down your weapons towards one another and see, yes, see what I will do in the midst of you two being one. For Oh, how weary I have grown against the destruction of divorce, child abandonment, child sacrifice, and all the shrapnel that comes with it. When oh when will My people walk in righteousness?

What must I do to convince you of My coming? My Son's return is soon, oh how soon, yet you say it won't birth because you have heard before, but My timing is not yours, and My thoughts are far above yours. What I do, I share with those whom I call friends. Those who know I Am and seek Me diligently. They want Me; they want My voice and My presence. But oh, how few there are that desire My glory and few that seek My word for My secrets and mysteries. I rejoice in them, but I am severely grieved for the hypocrite. Awake, for I Am coming!


Notice in this word that God requests our help and cooperation. He desires to destroy strongholds over nations, restore families, heal marriages, and prepare the body of Christ to be ready for the return of Jesus Christ. I have released this word in obedience with the hope that you will seek God for your role in the shaking, the return, and the healing.

Let's pray,

Heavenly Father, thank You for using the Church to advance Your kingdom here on earth. Help us to hear Your voice in the night hours, in the morning, and at Noonday. Help us to lay down fear and personal agendas to pursue Your heart and will. Even though we give You our yes, we still struggle to fulfill it. May we be found obedient to the sound of Heaven as it hits our hearts. In Jesus name, Amen


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