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Kingdom Kids Ministry

Kingdom Kids Ministry

The Youth Ministry program starts with a strong emphasis on Biblical teaching, with the intent to develop spiritually mature young people who can become strong spiritual leaders in their communities. The ministry has several components that include weekly Bible studies and lessons, group activities, and social events.

We do not believe it is the church's job to train up a child in the way they should go, but rather we are to come alongside parents and encourage them to instruct their children in the Word.  


Our mission is to teach children how to live out a moral, truthful, honorable, honest, and practical faith in Jesus Christ.

Contact Lydia Vasquez |  Tel: 602-587-6881

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Deliverance & Healing Ministry

The Deliverance and Healing classes are designed to help those who need healing and deliverance from spiritual, emotional, and relational issues. These classes are based on the teachings of Jesus Christ and the power of the Holy Spirit to bring us freedom from the strongholds of the enemy. Classes focus on the power of prayer, faith, and the Word of God to overcome demonic strongholds and deliverance from generational trauma.


Pastors Mike & Ernestine have a heart to fulfill the great commission and make disciples of God's people.  Part of making disciples is helping them get healthy emotionally and spiritually.  Once a person is free from demonic possession or oppression, they are more likely to stay focused on a moral and upright life that brings glory to God.

Contact Lydia Vasquez  |  Tel: 602-587-6881

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