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Online Deliverance

Deliverance Introduction
Deliverance Topics
Personal Sin
Occult & False Religion
Demon Possession

If you have contacted us to receive deliverance and healing, please watch this video and contact our team if you decide to fill out the assessment form (link found in the videos).  The Online Deliverance Video Series will help you uncover areas of demonic exposure in your life, and as you do the exercises, you will be empowered to walk out your deliverance. 


Almost all of our trainings are free, and we do not charge for deliverance and healing. However, we request that you consider sowing an offering for the personal ministry you receive. If you find that spiritual coaching would better suit your needs, please contact our office. There is a charge for Pastor's coaching.

*Many ministers charge for deliverance and healing. We try to keep our teaching and training costs to a minimum. However, a one-time fee of $50 is applied to alleviate the cost of online media.  

Get Started

  • Online Deliverance

    If you are seeking deliverance, begin with these videos.
    Valid for 12 months
    • Five videos include short teachings on the topics of
    • Unforgiveness, personal sin, sexual sin, trauma
    • Occult and false religions and demon possession
Intro to Online Deliverance
Authority - Online Deliverance
Forgiven - Online Deliverance
Personal Sin - Online Deliverance
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