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Demonic Invisible and Invasive Intruders

Have you ever noticed after a person enters or leaves a room how the atmosphere changes? Sometimes a person can walk in the room and light it up with joy even if they never speak a word, something about them draws them to you. Other times a person can walk in the room and drain the atmosphere of all peace! Stirring up anxiety and other emotions that weren’t there before that person arrived.

Just as ticks and fleas piggyback into our homes via our animals, so can demonic spirits be carried into an environment via a person who is oppressed by them. Sometimes the residual energy left behind after a person leaves, is so heavy it takes some intense warfare to get the atmosphere clear again. For example, when working with some people in deliverance, they may come into our office with demonic spirits oppressing them. Sometimes these spirits attempt to bring an assignment against us, the ministers. Some spirits are like spiritual snakes that slither their way into a place and deposit their eggs, hoping they won’t be noticed until they are able to hatch and bring forth the assignment.