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Come Away with Me

Today El Roi, the God who sees us, wants to speak to us, He wants to fellowship with us. There are no circumstances in our lives that escape His Fatherly awareness and care. God knows us and our troubles.

I heard the Father say, “My people, come, hear what I have to say, lean your ear towards Me that we may have intimacy together. If you listen to My Spirit I put in you, I can be heard. If you watch for Me in nature you will see Me and you will be awestruck. When the storm is consuming you I will be standing there holding your hand and if you stop and trust Me you will sense My presence.”

“Taste Me and see that I Am good. This world has left a bitter taste in your mouth but I Am like a sweet tea on a hot summers day, come and I will refresh you.”

“I am a jealous God and I want to be put first for it’s when you do this that I can be heard, in the stillness of quiet it’s there you will find Me. Build an altar to Me and sacrifice your offerings of time and intimacy to Me. Bring a “tithe” of your time, the first of your day and I will bless you!”

The Lord continued to speak to me saying “Do you not think I long to bless you?” If your child ignored you and did not take the time to say good morning or I love you, would you desire to still bless him? Be thankful the blessings I have given you are not earned for we have not spoken in a long time”.

“Today I would like to dine with you at the table and discuss the plans I have for you, for they are not to harm you but to give you a hope and a future. I have a purpose for you and for this season you are in.”

“Do you want to hear them? Have you asked Me who you are to Me lately? Call to me and I will tell you these plans and other great and mighty things you do not know.”

“Do you realize that I have given you your very own data bank of ALL knowledge?

I have given you this through My Word and through My Spirit, the Holy Spirit. Why is it that you have not come to make a withdrawal? Why do you continue to think you can do all things through yourself? Did I not tell you that you can do All things through My Son, Jesus Christ who strengthens you?

“You are wearing yourselves out trying to accomplish so much in your own, feeble, strength but I have given you power from On High!

Hold your arms up to Me, reach and I will fill you with all you need to get your daily work done and still have what you need to do what I call you to do.”

“My children, you will be coming up on new waters to cross and these will be a vast ocean, it will be too much for you if you remain in your rickety old rowboat. That is why I offer you the power that is My Spirit, for the waves will crush you in your current boat but I offer you a “titanic” size ship that truly is unsinkable. It’s time to board for the storm is soon to come and you will not know how to navigate without My Spirit, My Word, and without intimacy with Me!”

[This word originally came to me on 1/9/2012. It is a message from the Father's heart that is always relevant, it is a word that never expires. I pray it touched your heart as it did mine when I first received it.]

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