I accepted Jesus Christ as my Savior when I was 16 years old.  Prior to my salvation, I had several traumatic experiences and I was in a dark place mentally.  After my salvation, I listened to others describe their salvation as life-changing and astonishing. I knew something was wrong, even though I was saved I was still trapped in darkness.  I didn't feel like I was part of God's family of believers and I could not connect to God.  I was on the outside looking in and I smiled with a plastic smile convincing everyone I was fine.  During this time I prayed to God wanting to hear His voice and I wept bitterly in secret because I heard nothing. I also read the Bible and I had no understanding and I could not apply the Word to my life at all.  I was in desperate need of deliverance.

My deliverance was lengthy.  I was bound by fear and I believed the lies of the enemy.  During this time, the deliverance team deconstructed the lies of the enemy as they helped me learn about and accept my identity in Christ.  I wasn't a child of darkness, instead I was God's daughter and I walked in the light.  I was delivered from the spirit of fear and I was finally able to start driving.  Although I had my driver's license, I refused to drive and had to rely on others for transportation because I was so terrified.  On my last session, I also received healing in my lower back; for the first time in my life I could stand up straight.  Even more significant was the healing I received in my heart.  Ezekiel 36:26 declares:  "I will give you a new heart, and put a new spirit in you.  I will take out your stony, stubborn heart and give you a tender, responsive heart" (NLT).  My heart was so damaged by the bondages I was emotionally numb.  I n addition to the physical healing God gave me a new heart.  None of this would have been possible without the faithfulness and commitment of Ernestine Graham and the deliverance team who sought God's direction to set me free.  Annie Fields



I lived in terrible fear, rejection, and confusion all my life. I never had a free moment from the torment of fear. Through meeting with Ernie I was delivered and set free from fear. During this meeting Ernie helped me see that I made fear and rejection my best friends. Ugh! The light came on, Jesus was there and set me free of fear and rejection, . I have never felt so alive,  to be able to see the day with different eyes; it is so clear, bright, like looking into heaven. I sense the presence of Jesus with me and guiding me through my days.  Now when the times of fear, rejection and confusion come I recognize it and am able to stop the thoughts, resist Satan and his lies have to go. They are not my friend anymore, and I  speak the Word, pray and praise Him. It is so exciting to be able to have this freedom. Praise the Lord . I am not perfect, but each day, I  seek to keep my eyes on Him.   I believe I am stronger in Christ now that I don't have "friends" of fear and rejection! 



I am a Spirit filled, water baptized, born again Christian for 40 years but I was bound up with a lot of bitterness, fear and rejection. I had a lot of pride to overcome in order to admit or believe I needed deliverance. Through a spiritual warfare conference I recognized I definitely needed generational deliverance. That was freeing. Then I wanted more. Through doing deliverance with Spirit Wind, I have that freedom. I have come to the conclusion that because of the deliverance and the classes Mike and Ernestine offer that it's the Lord that delivers and heals, they walk with you through it. The key is knowing what your dealing with. Freedom takes work, but is oh so worth it. 


The Spirit you received does not make you slaves, so that you live in fear again; rather, the Spirit you received brought about your adoption to sonship. And by him we cry, "Abba, Father." Romans 8:15 NIV

My name is Maria, first of all I would like to thank Ernie and Mike and the ones present through my deliverance.  At first I really didn’t know what deliverance was until I took one of Ernie’s classes on strongholds. After I finished the class I knew it was something I wanted to do. I wanted to be clean from any demonic spirits and I also wanted to let go of any pain that existed from my past. I really recommend this to everyone, deliverance and healing really did change my life and brought me closer to God. I experienced many things, but there was really one thing that I could never forget; on my last week of deliverance on a Wednesday I was at the grocery store when I heard God’s voice telling me to do something and because I was obedient to his voice I felt a strong anointing come down on me from the Holy Spirit and knew right there that my deliverance was complete.  As I walked out of the store I was walking out with the armor of God.


1 Thessalonians 5:8


But let us who live in the light be clearheaded, protect by the armor of faith and love and wearing as out helmet the confidence of our salvation.

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