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School of Deliverance & Healing

School of deliverance and healing is a Christ-centered, biblical course that focuses on equipping individuals with the knowledge and skills necessary to bring about personal spiritual transformation through deliverance and healing. The course typically involves classes and workshops that address topics such as prayer, spiritual warfare, deliverance from demonic oppression, inner healing, and the healing of physical, emotional, and spiritual infirmities. The classes and workshops often include practical instruction in spiritual disciplines and practices, such as fasting, intercessory prayer, and Scripture study, as well as renunciation prayers. The purpose of the school is to help individuals receive their own personal deliverance from spiritual bondage and to equip them with the knowledge and skills necessary to bring spiritual healing to others in their community.

Why the School of Deliverance and Healing?

Every believer in Christ should know about deliverance and healing. The School of Deliverance and Healing provides an in-depth study of spiritual warfare and healing. It provides a comprehensive approach to understanding and addressing spiritual issues, such as demonic activity and its effects and the spiritual root causes of physical and emotional distress. By attending this school, you will gain the knowledge and tools you need to help you effectively minister to those in need of spiritual healing and deliverance.

Our courses on spiritual warfare and deliverance training are designed to help people find freedom from oppressive spiritual influences in their lives. Whether these influences are demonic in nature, generational, or cultural, they can be healed with Jesus Christ. These courses are led by experienced Christian leaders and give participants the tools and understanding to identify and remove spiritual strongholds, break free from unhealthy patterns, and gain a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ. They provide an atmosphere of spiritual growth and maturity while developing a greater understanding of spiritual warfare and spiritual freedom.​All our paid courses offer the opportunity for ministry time with Dr. Ernestine Graham via zoom, on the phone, or in person, as well as a Q & A session.

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