Welcome to our prophetic word page.  We have several prophetic words that Dr. Ernestine Graham and others have shared and we decided to put a page up for them.  If you are prophetic and would like someone to vet the words you receive and need a place to share them so all the body of Christ can benefit connect with us. 

Dr. Ernestine Graham received a word about God calling the prophets and apostles back to America.  This word, given to Deanna, aligns well with the word Dr.Graham.  You can find her word released on our YouTube channel.  

A Word for America


Rise up, Oh fallen nation

Rise up!

The nation that was once booming 

Has fallen, has fallen

Why did you take your eyes off of Me

America, America

Why, Oh why did you take your eyes off of Me

I am the God of all creation

Oh America, America

Why did you stray away from Me

I warned you not to worship false gods from other nations, but you did anyway 

I warned you not to marry their women, but you did anyway

Oh America, America

How have you fallen, fallen

For I will pick you back up again

Pride goes before destruction and a haughty spirit goes before a fall

I will pick you back up again 

This is your hour to repent

Repent from your evil way

America, Oh America

Repent from your evil way

Cry out to Me

America, cry out to Me

and you will be saved

I will not tolerate sin

Righteous exalts a nation

but sin is a reproach unto any people

My church, my church

Rise up, Rise up

Why have you bowed down to

man's ideology. I didn't call you to be cowards.

Rise up Church, rise up

Since when did you become afraid 

of a mere man. Again, I ask the question 

Whom do you trust?

Man or the one who created man?

When you put your trust in Me 

You will not be prone to deceit 

It's only when you take your eyes off of My Son.

I will restore My church

The gates of hell shall not prevail against her

I need worshippers 

I need praisers

True worshippers who will worship Me in Spirit and in truth

Tear down your false gods

Tear down your idols

For I am a jealous God

Worship my Son and Him only

I will not tolerate sin in the camp.

given to Deanna Cowens

March 2021