Our Team
April Zimmerman - Helps & Service

April is the sweetest person we know! You will love her. She is Help's Director and truly is a big help but she's also an intercessor.

Mike 2

Mike is Co-Founder of Spirit Wind Healing Ministries.  He is a man of God, loving and devoted husband, faithful father and committed to the ministry of Jesus Christ.  Mike has a unique ability to reach men and help them reach their potential as a man, husband, minister.

Pastor Ernestine

Ernestine, together with her husband Co Founded Spirit Wind Healing Ministries.  She is a lover of Jesus Christ and is not afraid to be called a "Jesus freak".  She is a loyal wife, devoted mother and grandmother, and a faithful servant of the LORD.

Michael & Dorothy Graham

Michael & Dorothy are not only family but are actively serving with SWHM. Dorothy serves in the children's ministry and Michael is in the sound ministry.

Tom & Dianne Noll

DIanne is SWHM church treasurer as well as part of the sound/media team.

Jerry & Bertha O'Brien

Jerry & Bertha are sold out for the ministry of deliverance and healing. They cannot contain their excitement when it comes to seeing people free. Jerry is an active board member.

Pastor Eloise Vasquez

Eloise is our Pastor of Prayer. She's a faithful minister, a powerful intercessor and has a huge heart for the family prayer altar to be re-established. These are her 4 faithful sons.

April Zimmerman
Pastor Mike


Kaleb and Lydia

Kaleb & Lydia Vasquez have a sweet heart and tenderness to the Lord. Kaleb is a member of our board and our sound coordinator. Lydia is lead worshipper.

Pastor Eloise

She loves to teach the kiddos.

2020 Demolishing Demonic Strongholds Certificate of Completion

Jerry & Bertha O'Brien

This is their 4th certificate and they are now heading towards being certified as deliverance ministers!

Tom & Dianne Noll

Friends and co-laborers of SWATc

Steve & Cindy McCance
Mary Longoria
April Zimmerman
Susan Garcia
Valerie Rice
Pastor Eloise Vasquez

She's a warrior and friend.

Monica Macias
Gordie & Becky Miller
Yvonne Vanley
Shelly Born

Been with us some time now ...headed towards certification!

Passover Celebration
Mazta ball soup
The curious tray
No leaven here
Fancy Pla setting
The teaching
Mike, Grace, Dorothy
Lots O Meat
The Hosting Table
The girls
Good friends
Me and Elouise
Pastor Lee, Ernie, Mike, Charity
Apostle Lee & Me
Mike and Ernestine
Mike & Timothy
Jennifer & Lily
Ray & April
Charity & Tim
Michael & Dorothy
The Childs Part
Camilo & Anne
Elouise and Peeps
The Authors
The Authors & Mom
Table 1
Table 2
Rowdy Ones
Table 3
The Drews

This was SWHM first Passover celebration.  We held 30 people in our "garage church" and had such a blessed time serving our church family!  No grumbling or complaining, everyone had a great time!