There are many wonderful, Spirit filled, churches and ministries and we believe each one of them should be in unity with the Kingdom purposes of God.  We also know that everyone has a different "flavor", therefore, you will find uniqueness in each of these churches and ministries that we have listed on this page.


Listed here are some respected ministries and churches that we believe have solid scriptural teaching as well as mandates from God for the nation.  We have also listed some wonderful churches we have been blessed to be apart of and recommend if you are new to the Valley of the Sun or are looking for a place to fellowship. 


We encourage you to browse their websites for upcoming conferences and teachings, we are certain you will be blessed!


We will be adding to these so check back.

Outside of Phoenix Area Deliverance Resources

Local Churches (Phx, AZ)

Important Resources

Local Ministries & Counselors 

Sometimes people need godly counsel and they are not easy to find.  I want to give a personal endorsement of Mike Rehm if you are in search of biblical counseling for anything but especially for trauma.  Many people undergo horrific trauma and are unable to cope with life in a healthy way due to the effects of trauma.  Mike is an excellent source to help you identify these issues and find healing.

Dawna is a good friend with a deep well of compassion for the broken and hurting.  She specializes in teen and women's issues, Anxiety, Calming, Christian doubts and faith struggles as well as prayer.  I highly recommend Dawna as a woman of God who operates in the love of Jesus Christ.

Bridgebuilders is a great connection for prayer.